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airvair airvair at richnet.net
Tue Mar 1 09:52:11 EST 2005

Indeed. That's why I have never again ran for the board. But I've always 
been active in other club jobs, even if it may only be judging at the 
concours. Most board members can get along MOST of the time, but there 
ARE those episodes of things that nobody wants to see or talk about. 
(Unless you happen to work for the National Enquirer - LOL!)

I feel that I can best serve in other capacities than being on the 
board. My hat's off to those who can, though!

-Mark (serving Corvair owners with the Air'Vair Group, among other things)

bub049 at comcast.net wrote:

>Well said Unca Lonald!!! And I used to think "gandy dancer-wannabes" couldn't make effective public speeches! Your sage is much appreciated!
>As a former board member (who understands what Mark Corbin was talking about), I 100% agree. The infighting present between board members toward the end of my term almost caused me to leave CORSA. As it was, I dropped out of active CORSA participation for over 10 years. 
>The job of a  Board Member is sometimes overwhelming and with over 5,000 members, (we had over 8,000 in the 70s), you can never please everyone. It takes a ton of dedication and hard work to serve and to do a good job of it. I want to thank everyone who has ever served CORSA and it's members, giving thanklessly of their time and talent to do the best they could to form and guide this club. I have been a member since 1972 and have seen a lot of boards and officers. I think the Board and officers we have today are among the best and it takes a great leader to bring that all together.....President Sarah!
>It takes a ton of work to be a Board member and I applaud anyone willing to run for the office.
>Bob Johnston
>Frostbite Falls,MN
>"Folks, where there are 2 or more humans interacting there will be 
>"politics". Anyone running for director has to understand that the board 
>does the political work of Corsa - essentially so the rest of the 
>membership doesn't have to think about it - they can think about 
>Corvairs instead.
>Anyone who gets on the board with the goal of "Getting everything fixed" 
>or "straightening everything out" understands very little about human 
>interaction, consensus building or human nature and will get a rude 
>surprise. Like Marge Simpson said "I've learned that one personal can 
>make a difference - but probably shouldn't". In other words the vision  
>of only one person is just that, and unless she/he are brilliant  then 
>one opinion is always one opinion.
>For Corsa's sake (and the sake of the person applying) any applicant 
>should understand human nature and realize that change will be slow and 
>reasonable people do differ. If you fit that description then by all 
>means apply. It's an honor to direct this organization - and th people 
>who put in thier time on the board deserve our support and respect. It's 
>a chance to do something very positive. Lon"

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