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Tue Mar 1 09:55:42 EST 2005

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Not that  it is a big deal but has anyone ever kicked around the notion of
the VV  chapter taking advantage of using instant messaging?

I have about 5 young members of VV and other Corvair lists  IM me all  the 
time for info. They like the IM'ing  (instant gratification). The  problem I see 
is most are not joiners just want the info and give their thanks  then are 
gone till the next problem comes up.
 I have gotten a few to at least say they sent in their CORSA dues,  time 
will tell.

Remember that the younger crowd (<30) loves and is  comfortable with this
format and if our club is to grow, we must somehow be  more effective in
tapping into this demographic group. (My Marketing roots  are showing)

Just a thought....


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