<VV> VV> Re: AOL Instant Messaging - Recruiting New Membership

Bmonza1964 at wmconnect.com Bmonza1964 at wmconnect.com
Wed Mar 2 10:25:58 EST 2005

I also thought about starting a chat room on yahoo.  It is free.  Another 
idea would be to create our own communitee on yahoo which is also free.  The only 
draw back would be to join it, the members would have to join yahoo. Of 
course if a member did not want to participate in a chat room they would not have 
to sign up for yahoo.  If we have enough people participate in a chat room or 
communittee we might even be able the get CORSA to put a link on the web-site.  

Brian Minick

64 Monza coupe

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