<VV> Steering wheel wanted

JWCorvair at aol.com JWCorvair at aol.com
Wed Mar 2 21:30:13 EST 2005


Painting a steering wheel isn't too difficult and perhaps is the only way to get the color you want. I wanted a two-tone combination of blue and tan for my sedan steering wheel. Needless to say, that combination doesn't exist. I used Dupli-color paints and then a clear coat. It was my first attempt at painting a steering wheel, but it came out pretty good - certainly good enough for my street sedan. The most tedious work was masking the sections of the steering wheel I didn't want to color. I also wet sanded the wheel for a very smooth finish, but that didn't take long.

Go ahead! Paint it!

Joe White (62 Sedan)
Boulder, CO

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