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Looks like two excellent ideas, one for CORSA and one for the local 
chapters to consider. Maybe combine the two ideas? The CORSA board 
could, as part of the chapter requirements, charge the locals a 
per-person surcharge for non-CORSA members, which the local clubs would 
then pass on as a surcharge to non-CORSA members. Make it $12 so that it 
could be pro-rated by the month.

That way, a local (for example my own) would charge members $12 (my 
local dues) a year local membership and $12 CORSA surcharge, which would 
be waived if the person was/would join CORSA. So pay EITHER $24 to the 
local OR $12 to the local PLUS $35 to CORSA, their choice.

-Mark C

Keith Hammett wrote:

>Maybe Corsa should consider a reduced rate for chapters that have members
>that are not Corsa Members and don't want to be.  The reduced rate could
>make them Corsa members, but they would not receive the Communique.  The
>club could then require an extra amount that would equal the reduced rate
>and then be able to obtain the 100% membership.
>Just a thought.
>Keith Hammett
>Non local club member (not one close enough) :(
>Member CORSA, Corvanatics
>-----Original Message-----
>A couple of weeks ago, when everybody was complaining about everything
>they didn't like about CORSA and the Communique, there were some
>comments about chapters getting all of their members to join CORSA -
>obtaining 100% CORSA membership.
>Many of you have heard this story before. If you haven't this may
>interest you. Several years ago, our chapter, CORSA South Carolina,
>decided what we would do to try to get all of our members to join
>CORSA. Our board met and discussed this issue at length, several times.
>We gave the topic much thought. This is what we came up with.
>We felt strongly in supporting CORSA and getting our members to join
>CORSA. At the same time, we had some members who were not CORSA
>members. We polled them and found that some of them just were not going
>to join CORSA. Some weren't joiners, some had belonged and just weren't
>involved enough with Corvairs to re-join. If we required CORSA
>membership, we would lose them.
>Further, we were concerned with requiring new members to join CORSA
>before knowing how much they liked Corvairing. We've had lots of
>members join for, perhaps, 1-3 years, then lose interest and drop out.
>We were concerned about meeting a potential new member and telling them
>they could join our club for $15 a year and take part in all of our fun
>events and meetings, and oh, by the way, you also have to join CORSA
>for $35.
>The solution we came up with was, first, to grandfather through current
>members who did not belong to CORSA, with them paying a surcharge of
>$10, because they are not CORSA members, which we sent to CORSA.
>Interestingly, none of them seemed opposed to paying the extra $10.
>Originally I think we had five of these non-CORSA members. Over the
>years, all but one has dropped out of the club. I don't think the $10
>had anything to do with their decision, they just lost interest in
>Corvairs, and dropped out.
>Current members must maintain their CORSA membership. This isn't easy
>to police, but we do the best we can. We have had a few let their CORSA
>membership lapse. When we found out about it, usually when the Chapter
>Report was filed, we'd just remind them and they've always paid up.
>New members are required to join CORSA within a year of joining our
>club. Actually, the next time after they've been in our club a year
>that dues are due. So if they joined our club in June of 2000, they
>would have to pay our dues again in January 2001 as we all pay our dues
>at the first of the year. By the time they paid for January 2002, they
>must be CORSA members. This gives them some time to see what Corvairing
>is all about.
>This policy has been successful for us. We've sent CORSA some
>ten-dollar bills for our non-CORSA members and have found a reasonable
>way to deal with mandatory CORSA membership, without driving off new
>people who weren't committed enough to spend $50 for CORSA and CORSA SC
>membership. We have had some members say they didn't like being told
>that they had to join CORSA - they might do it on their own, they just
>didn't like being forced to do something. I don't know any way around
>this, there are just some things in life we HAVE to do! But all-in-all
>we feel ours is a reasonable policy.
>An alternative to our policy would be to offer the $10 surcharge to
>members who didn't want to join CORSA after a year. That way CORSA
>would still get the financial support, we'd keep the member, and the
>member wouldn't have to join CORSA if they didn't want to.
>Bruce W. Schug
>CORSA South Carolina
>Greenville, SC
>bwschug at charter.net
>CORSA member since 1981
>'67 Monza. "67AC140"

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