<VV> Mark's reply RE: 100% CORSA membership

henry kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Thu Mar 3 11:30:47 EST 2005

Just such a suggestion was written out by me, and submitted to the Board 
through Harry less than 6 months ago.
I based the idea on the "per capita" tax that State Grand Masonic Lodges 
levy on each lodge in their state.  I never mentioned it here as there are 
some who are touchy on this list when they read any reference to 
Freemasonry. However, I do know that you know how it works. Explained below 
for the non Masons among us.

Instead of  the current method of paying Chapter Filing fees, each chapter 
would have a "per capita" tax  placed on it in lieu of the fee each year. 
CORSA members would be "taxed" at a lower rate than non-CORSA members.  How 
the local chapters would deal with this would be their own affair, but I 
imagine that the local chapter dues for non CORSA members would increase 
accordingly.   IMO get their money one way (with the magazine and more) or 
the other, makes no difference.

 My suggestion is that a 100% CORSA member chapter, like CORSA NC would be 
paying no more under the new system than it did under the old. Chapters that 
have "I WON'T JOIN CORSA " members pay more, for each person whose "heels 
are dug in" and refuse to join, regardless of reason.

IMO it only seems fair that each person in a chapter pay for the benefits it 
recieves from the sponsoring organization, and each in measure of  how much 
they desire to support said organization.

Now, how long will it take the Board to act on this suggestion?? I would 
guess the lapse in time would be from "God Only Knows", to 
NEVER----somewhere on that line......Since it would increase revenue, I 
would hope it is closer to the regular pace of "God Only Knows"...I sure 
would see for once the Board prove me wrong and enact such a measure before 
the end of the millenium. I have my doubts however........


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