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WCC successfully collected CORSA dues along with Chapter memberships.  We
did it annually together with Corvairitis Treatment Day.  I liked doing it
combined with the event because it meant we were only hitting people up once
a year for dough.  We also had a graduated price structure.  I can't
remember the #s exactly, but it went something like this.

Show at Car at CTD only =$20(show)
Show a Car and renew dues =$15(show) and Annual Dues, $20: Total $35
Show a Car, renew dues, and CORSA dues = $10(show), Annual Dues, $15, CORSA
Membership Renewal, $50: Total $75
Show a Car, renew dues and JOIN CORSA = $10(show), Annual Dues, $10, JOIN
CORSA with Promo Discount, $35: Total $55

(Don't forget, these are Canadian funds)

We worked heavily with local businesses to subsidize the cost of the
trophy's (a business could sponsor one or more trophy and get their name on
it) and we also worked hard to find interesting locations (CTD moved every
year) that didn't cost us an arm and a leg to do the show at.


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If my local club charged $X + 35.00 and enrolled me in Corsa
automatically, I would be more inclined to join than if the
dues were $X and they nagged me to join Corsa.

I dislike 2 separate entities to manage memberships with more
than I dislike paying "extra" to join the local club.

I am not a member of the local club for "other reasons" (too
many kids, too far away, blah blah blah).

I seriously doubt money is an issue for 99% of people.  If
membership in Corsa were billed as a "benefit" of being a
member of the local club (at $X + $35.00) I would say "Thank
you."   When I am nagged to "do the right thing" I tend to dig
in and find reasons not to.

Can clubs (and are they willing to) manage members' Corsa
memberships for them?

Clubs don't compete for members based on price, I think it is
mostly geography driven.  Therefore, I don't think this would
have to be a "requirement" of all clubs (I'm sure plenty would
not like it as a requirement) and only the most thrifty among
us would "shop" for a chapter and spend $35 in gas money to
save $35 in dues;^)  I just wonder if it is an option.

Please forgive me if this is stupid.  I have not seen it
mentioned before in my years of lurking around here.

- Ian
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