<VV> 100% CORSA Membership

Freedom Lions jdozsa at carr.org
Thu Mar 3 16:42:24 EST 2005

The Corsa of Baltimore chapter has always had a problem with 100% CORSA
membership.  Particularly with Corvair owners that viewed their cars
more as transportation cars rather than collector cars.  This was
especially true a decade or more ago.  The "transportation car owners"
were in general very appreciative of the repair, service and parts
advice they received.  They however, were not so interested that they
would attend local chapter meetings or join CORSA.  For many it was a
financial issue.  We created a way for them to support the local chapter
but not be a member.  They are "subscribers" to our local chapter
newsletter.  They are not club members and have no more rights than the
general public in attending a show or event.  They pay a few dollars
more than the publication and postage costs of the "Dryspot"
newsletter.  The extra few dollars helps the club and they get a current
list of local Corvair contacts.  This has worked well.  Over the years
when they got rid of their Corvair or handed it down to a relative we
were the first to know.  In some cases the new owner, became a Corvair
enthusiast who did become a local and CORSA member.

John Dozsa, President
Corsa of Baltimore

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