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David V. Clamp 66corsa at cox.net
Thu Mar 3 21:01:47 EST 2005

I am a member of CORSA, and I enjoy that membership and the Comminque every
month. I'd be a member just for the magazine alone. I rarely have time to
trek across country to go to a convention, but the one time I did go, I
enjoyed it. If I felt like CORSA was pushy I would not be a member. 
I have been into Corvairs since I was two years old (1967) when my dad
bought a '65 Corsa coupe. My first car was also a '65 Corsa coupe and I
currently drive a '66 Corsa convertible daily. I have only been a member of
CORSA since 1997. It was through CORSA that I found and joined my first
local club - Heart of Georgia Corvairs. 
In Heart of Georgia Corvairs, we have about 66% CORSA membership. I will do
my part to encourage the remaining third to join, but I will not push it and
would oppose any motion to force our members to join. I do know that as a
club, we appreciate CORSA and how it helps us promote our shows each year. 
The second local club I belong to is Nader's Raiders. They are not a CORSA
chapter and have turned down opportunities to become one. Still, they
encourage their members to join CORSA and most (if not all) of their
leadership are CORSA members. They also support CORSA sanctioned events all
over the southeastern United States. 
I think the biggest threat to CORSA is our aging membership. Sure, we get
the occasional younger member, but not that many really. I wish I had the
solution to this dilemma, but I do not. I have heard complaints on this list
that it is hard to change how we do things at the national level. Maybe we
should take a chance sometime and try something new. One suggestion would be
that if someone wants to try something new or do a current task/event at a
convention differently, encourage that person to plan and oversee that
event. Granted, we can't try every idea that is put forth, but it wouldn't
hurt to go out on a limb from time to time.
Sorry this was so long....I hate getting in on a "me too" type of post, and
I apologize for the use of bandwidth.

David V Clamp 
Member: Corsa 
              Heart of Georgia Corvairs - Newsletter Editor, VP
              Nader's Raiders 

1966 Corsa convertible 140 +0.030/4spd 3.55 posi w/ AC 
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