<VV> Trans mount washer

Patten Del R Civ AFRL Det 8/PKMA del.patten at kirtland.af.mil
Fri Mar 4 14:52:19 EST 2005

Maybe Lon or Clarks will make a special run...should be worth a point or two
in concours!!

  Del Patten...CNM

Here's a little trivia... I never knew that there were TWO special washers  
on the 65 4-speed large transmission mounting bolt.  The assembly manual
the well known thick one (between the trans and the support; 3859205) and  a

thinner one between the support and the lock-washer, that being 3710593.   
When I faxed Bob the page from the manual, he figured this out and FWIW, now
all know.  Now we all must make sure we get a numbers-matching, date-coded  
washer for the judges <ggg>
Craig N.

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