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The following was received today from the immediate past president of CCE.  

It may be of interest to Corvair lovers.

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Later, JR

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    Sunday March 6th the History channel will air a program called "Conspiracy" at 9 PM central time . This particular episode centers on 'something' that fell from the sky around Kecksburgh, PA in 1965.  Of note is the car used for shooting the re-enactment, that would be my teal 1963 Corvair Monza convertible. Apparently that's pretty close to what the guy was driving when he sighted this 'UFO'. I'm planning on taping it, and I understand it will be re-aired a few times over the next couple weeks. 
    So, Please watch as my little Corvair becomes famous (It's already demanding a nicer parking space and higher quality motor oil...).  


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