<VV> Early Model Corvair Convertible Top Restoration... Comments and a question.

Joe West joew at diveaz.com
Sun Mar 6 13:17:56 EST 2005

Good Morning,

I am in the final stages of restoring the convertible top frame on my 64
Spyder.  It gives me something to so while the spyder is in for body and
paint (it should be out of the shop next week WOOOO HOOOOO!).
Anyway... Back to the point of this post.

I completely disassembled the entire top frame, had it powder coated and 6
or so hours yesterday putting it all back together.

A couple of notes:

1.  Sand blasting and 60% gloss powder coating the top frame cost $200.
2.  The results are absolutely unbelievable!!!  The top frame not only looks
brand new, but the powder coat is so durable.
3.  Powder coating does NOT damage the nylon bushings in the frame (the
bushings that you cannot remove).
4.  I can't imagine ever painting a top frame again... The time to sandblast
and powder coat is well worth the cost (in my opinion).
5.  After powder coating, the moving parts needed to be broken free where
small amounts of powder coating material got in the joints... A small tap
with a rubber mallet and then lubrication produced very smooth movement.
Don't be worried about the powder coating hindering movement.

I'll take some pictures and post them a little later so everyone can see
what it looks like.

Now... On to the question.  I am putting the new top frame rubber trim on
and the right and left front pieces curve around the sides and meet up with
the header rubber.  The problem is; it seems that there is nothing to secure
the "wrap around" rubber to the front header.  The instructions say to glue
them... But I'm wondering if this really is the proper thing to do.
Has anyone installed new top frame rubber on their convertible top?  If
so... What is the best way to secure the front rubber trim?
My original rubber was so old and crumbled; I couldn't tell how it was
secured... Perhaps it was glued?

Thanks in advance,


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