<VV> Hard not to get involved!

henry kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Sun Mar 6 16:51:59 EST 2005

you wrote, in part
and explanations
> that you aren't all nut jobs.

Who ya kiddin??   It is a well and generally accepted fact that, almost 
without exception,  every one of us that is drawn to the air-cooled wonder 
car has stripped bolts and blown gaskets, usually above the neck.

 Don't believe it?  Observe the looks you're going to  get at cruise-ins, 
multi make shows, the auto parts counter, etc.... most of us are used to it, 
or got used to it quickly. There's something about the car that draws you to 
it, and if it could be logically explained, you probably wouldn't want one. 
But for those of us  with the flaws, they're like tattoos--you get one, you 
get another one, and another, and another, and you never get rid of 


I immediately felt  I'm
> a part of the group.

Seems to me like you'll fit in fine!

What you really want to do is come to the V V meeting at a National, or if a 
group of  V V'ers decide to get together at a local CORSA show or 
event....The stuff you think (as would anyone not used to the group) as 
vitriol, or axe-grinding banter does not exist. Everyone laughs like hell, 
has a great time, and relationships formely only online catalyze and grow.

At the National , the last few years we have had special VV nametags so we 
can recognize people we have never seen before as VV'ers, and you get to 
meet lots of the folks that you have previously only read their tips, rants, 
raves, mumblings, etc, and IFO have walked away many times with much 
different impressions of VV'ers I didn't know previously.

Welcome to the group!! This forum has more power than you realize--It can 
help you with your addiction (it is) to the Corvair like nothing else that 
existed before it. And it's a lot of fun too.

Proud to be one of the Nut Jobs!

Hank Kaczmarek
Past V V Chairman 

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