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> Now... On to the question.  I am putting the new top frame rubber trim on
> and the right and left front pieces curve around the sides and meet up with
> the header rubber.  The problem is; it seems that there is nothing to secure
> the "wrap around" rubber to the front header.  The instructions say to glue
> them... But I'm wondering if this really is the proper thing to do.
> Has anyone installed new top frame rubber on their convertible top?  If
> so... What is the best way to secure the front rubber trim?
> My original rubber was so old and crumbled; I couldn't tell how it was
> secured... Perhaps it was glued?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joe
  Had a look at an original top I've had stored for 30 (OMG, where has the 
time gone?) years.  Without damaging the corner rubbers on this top it appears 
they came metal reinforced from the factory.  I observed one screw on each side 
that hold the rubber (an inboard flap) located outboard of the cutout for the 
top hold down mechanism on the header bar assembly.  There may be others I 
wasn't able to see. It's not uncommon that most repro rubber doesn't have these 
metal reinforcement strips inside so they recommend to glue them in place.  I 
also observed that much of the top material around the header is under these 
front rubbers, including 2, 3" strips that secure the front top corners under 
the side rail rubbers.  You might want to save installing the rubber up front 
until your top material is put on.

Bruce Webster
'60 500 sedan
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