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As a former board member - I say let anyone who belongs to CORSA run for the BoD.  It isn't liek the board conducts such business that a vnedor could benefit greatly from a decision.  Also, I would hope that if a proposal came to the board where a vendor who was a board member might benefit, that the otehr board members would ask the one who might benefit to not vote,etc.   On the other hand, I have served on enough boards (clubs, school boards, etc.) to understand that anything can happen and nothing surprises me with human nature any more.  

Let Lon, Cal Clark, or anyoen else who supports Corvairs and is a member of CORSA run.  More power to them - been there, don't care to do it again.  The older I get the less worries I want :-)


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First of all it wasn't a Pentagon Colonel that did it and was
convicted...she was an SES civilian.  And we already have at least one
vendor on the board...and I don't think that this is the first time for him.
I can't think of anytime where he has used his position on the board to
further his sales...and I can't imagine any of the vendors doing that.
Unlike the case in the AF, they aren't the only vote on the board.  Darlene
Drulian wasn't supposed to be the only vote but management let their guard
down and off and on for the last 10 years or so she was in a position where
she was able to make those decisions.  I think they are also looking at
other contracts she might have influenced unfairly. I am very grateful for
anyone who wants to run for and hold office in Corsa...because I don't want
to!!  But for all of you who think they can make a difference, go for
it...if I like your picture and you are running in my district I might even
vote for you!!  Getting the best people we can in the office is very
important to the long term health of the club and I welcome the chance to
vote for people I think can do the job regardless of what their day job is!

  Del Patten...CNM

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Hi guys,

I'll weigh in on the issue of vendors on the board. 
The whole issue revolves around someone using their
position for personal gain.  This is obvious in my
example, the recently-settled case where a Pentagon
colonel in procurement used her influence to steer
major contracts to Boeing in exchange for jobs for
herself after retirement and a handful of her
relatives.  She's in prison.
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