<VV> Electrical help needed - long (Gallagher, Kevin)

Timothy Chew tchew at cox.net
Mon Mar 7 14:49:54 EST 2005

I'll give this a shot.. You say you get smoking wires, this indicates a
short. Check your coil to see if it has the specified resistance for the
primary and secondary windings. Primary resistance should be 1.28-1.42 Ohms
and the Secondary resistance should be 7200-9500 Ohms. Primary measurement
is between the pos and neg post, and the other is between one post and the
coil output.
Inspect your wires to the points, and Closely inspect your point plate. The
points should be properly insulated so when the points are open the primary
circuit is not grounded (complete). The pivot should not have excessive
play, BTW.
Also inspect your condensor- it should be .18-.23 Microfarad. If I short out
the ends of my DVM on the capacitance setting, it reads O.L. (Not good),
which is not what you want.

Tim Chew

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