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Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 7 21:20:22 EST 2005

Sounds to me like the one of the small wires (not he purple one) going to 
the starter doesn't have continuity.  It provides voltage to the coil 
during cranking.  When the starter disengages the power to the coil goes 
through the resistor.


At 11:58 AM 3/7/2005, Gallagher, Kevin wrote:
>I am trying to get my 62 Spyder started after 26 years.  The engine has 
>been rebuilt and installed.  I followed a tip from VV a few weeks ago 
>about running the oil pump and setting the distributor.  I have a new 
>coil, cap, and wires.  The plugs, points and rotor appear good.  The 
>battery is new, the starter and generator are rebuilt.  The wiring 
>harnesses are original.  The engine cranks but does not fire or even 
>spark.  Here is what I have done.
>1. Since the starter turns, my wiring from the battery and ignition must 
>be good so I tested the voltage (with ignition in ON position) coming out 
>of the starter (solenoid).  It registered 12.
>2. I checked the voltage at the first connector inside the firewall.  It 
>did not register so I removed the starter harness and put a new terminal 
>on the starter end, the wires are in good shape.  It now registers 12 at 
>the connection.
>3. I checked the voltage at the positive end of coil as well as the 
>outgoing wire (plug wire to distributor cap) and they now register 12.
>4. With the distributor cap off and distributor loose, I turn distributor 
>to see if points spark, they do.
>5. I installed the distributor cap with only the #1 wire attached, turn 
>distributor while grounding spark plug to body (new plug), no spark.
>6. I assume it is the rotor or cap and replace with new rotor first.  I 
>try again only to have smoke rise from distributor.  The points have 
>melted along with part of small wire from coil negative post to points.
>7. I replaced points, condenser and wire, check all other areas for 
>possible short.  Try again, now smoke from brown wire at coil negative 
>post (tach lead?) and harness warms up all the way back.
>8. I disconnected the tach leads from both sides of coil and try 
>again.  Nothing.
>9. Return to starter, no voltage coming out of starter.
>10.  I got quite frustrated and quit for the day.
>I am trying to avoid buying a new harness and don't know if that's the 
>answer anyway (I'd hate to try only to burn up a new one).  The resistor 
>in the engine bay by the coil is also original but appears in good 
>shape.  Why would it start smoking only after I replaced the rotor 
>(especially when I had the ignition on several times, some for a couple of 
>minutes)?  Why don't I get voltage from the solenoid now?  Any ideas?
>Somewhat related.  I have joined CORSA and have tried several times to 
>contact my local chapter, Mid Ohio Vair Force, with no success.  If I had 
>a local contact, maybe someone could stop by and look at my 
>problem.  Anyone out there from Central Ohio?  Anyone know how I can 
>contact the local chapter?
>Thanks in advance.
>Kevin Gallagher
>62 Spyder Coupe
>63 Monza Convertible (parts car...)

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