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Mon Mar 7 22:12:06 EST 2005

Hey everyone,
(And I DO mean everyone)... I saw the Dr today... he sorta released me for 
work, but he doesn't want me doing anything... my employer wants me at work, but 
they want me to be able to do something more than pick up a phone and look up 
parts... actually fetching them is a start, so I had the Dr write I can go 
pick up parts, but he stated that I also need to elevate the leg every 2 hr for 
15 minutes... like that is REALLY gonna matter... Anyway, the Dr said we have 
3 things we can do, since it has almost been a year:
#1    Stay the course... keep doing what I've been doing and the brakes 
"might" mend, all in time... (and it will be a year ago on March 30th... how much 
time is needed?)
#2    Dr Nash can surgically remove a section of the fibula (the brake from 
last month) and pin that back together, that way it won't be longer than the 
tibia and it "might" promote growth it that area.... not quite sure I want that 
many "mights" concerning this leg at this time.
#3    See a Dr at University Hospital in Louisville on Thursday to see if 
they can attach a rod/pins/whatever it takes to get the tibia to its "original" 
(or near that mark) length... Cheryl is ready to strangle the original Dr in 
Cincinnati, and I can't blame her...

So it looks like I may be going under the knife, and I might not be making it 
to Portland for the Corvair convention.... time will tell....
They say 6 to 8 weeks of down time (recovery) but if this is what its gonna 
take to fix it, I'm damn sure ready for it.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know.

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