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Ryan Verthein chevyd51 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 8 16:41:58 EST 2005

well, after many replies, I figure this.  I'm going to
take out the sending unit(and replace it if need be)
and clean out the inside with a rag and some carb
cleaner...air out the tank a bit to blow any other
stuff out...take off the line, put some carb cleaner
in it, and follow it with air to run the cleaner
through and get the crud out of the line.  I'm going
to install an inline fuel filter in the rear of the
car where that line turns into rubber hose, and use it
like it is.

I talked to a good number of people on here about it,
and I talked to my dad(who's a good car guy for most
stuff...where I learned a lot.)  who all say this is a
good plan.

Thanks for the help.
65 Corsa Coupe/110

And If I run away, would you bring me back to cloud 9?  S.O.C.
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