obsolete dollar bills, was: <VV> IT'S OFFICIAL - CORSA POLITICS WARNING!

airvair airvair at richnet.net
Tue Mar 8 19:43:20 EST 2005

Hopefully to the scrap heap (I wish.) With an underused two dollar bill 
(the most beautiful bill ever printed, IMHO) and a viable (golden) 
dollar coin, why do we need that useless, redundant, costly dollar bill? 
It's costing us taxpayers millions to have to replace the entire dollar 
bill supply every 16 months (it's average life in circulation.) If the 
conservatives controlling the US government were REALLY interested in 
saving us money, they'd pull the plug on dollar bill printing.


Rick & Janet Norris wrote:

> Once you've seen a pear, you've seen'em all! Now, where'd that stack 
> of one dollar bills go...

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