<VV> the plan then...

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Hey Ron,  Good for you and I'm glad it worked.  But, that is not the usual 

Oh, when the RF brake line lets go you'll get a chance to do it the "proper" 
way.  Well, provided you don't crash the front of the car too badly.  Does 
the filler neck leak?

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Later, JR
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>I disagree!  We did a good job cleaning out the tank of a '60 that had sat 
>with gas in the tank for at least 20 years.  We removed the sending unit 
>and swabbed easily reached crud out with I don't remember what.  Then I 
>shot in some strong detergent like Simple Green, undiluted.  After that we 
>set up a home pressure washer and blasted the daylights out of the inside 
>of  the tank with a fan spray while the left side of the car was raised a 
>good ways. Most everything drained out easily and I dried it by stuffing in 
>an old terry robe and pushing it around with a stick.  It looked fine after 
>that and that was six or seven years ago.
> RonH

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