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I did mine in the car too. Inside is absolutley spotless now. Looks
like a new tank, and that had sat for 10 years.

Ron Tinkham

66 Corsa Convertable, 140, 4sp.

I disagree!  We did a good job cleaning out the tank of a '60 that had sat 
with gas in the tank for at least 20 years.  We removed the sending unit and 
swabbed easily reached crud out with I don't remember what.  Then I shot in 
some strong detergent like Simple Green, undiluted.  After that we set up a 
home pressure washer and blasted the daylights out of the inside of  the 
tank with a fan spray while the left side of the car was raised a good ways. 
Most everything drained out easily and I dried it by stuffing in an old 
terry robe and pushing it around with a stick.  It looked fine after that 
and that was six or seven years ago.

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> Ryan,  These are VENTED tanks.  Air and moisture can get in.  Unscrew the 
> gas cap and take a whiff.  See if you can even stand the odor.
> Whatever gas that had been left in there has long since turned into a kind 
> of rusty jelly.  There is NO WAY you are going to get it out with a rag 
> and some carb or brake cleaner.  How are you even going to get your hand 
> into the sender unit hole?
> You HAVE to pull the tank, fill it with clean gravel and/or a chain and 
> turn it over and over and over and...  until it is CLEAN inside.  A TIP 
> here... lclc uses an old BBQ spit motor and lets them turn for several 
> hours.  Then coat the interior and turn it over a few more times to make 
> sure all surfaces have been protected.
> While you have it out, do the RF brake line!
> BTW...   The inline filter is a crutch, not a proper fix (unsolicited 
> opinion).  And, unneeded if the job is done right.
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> Later, JR

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