<VV> 65 Eng Rebuild

Mike Stillwell yenko117 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 14:32:41 EST 2005

--- BobHelt at aol.com wrote:
> That cam was originally intended for the 1964-69, 
> 95 hp engines. It was 
> never used for earlier engines. I believe that some
> 110 hp engines came with the 
> 889 cam from the factory. Yours may have been one of
> them. 
> Bob Helt

 Hi Bob, Can you elaborate on the 95 cam in a 110? I'm
familiar (and a big fan of!) the 110 with 95 heads.
I've driven 2 for many, many miles and it's the only 2
carb engine I'd ever run, if given the choice.
 I'm curious as to how a high compression "95" would

 Thanks - Mike

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