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Thu Mar 10 08:51:19 EST 2005

The only fly in the ointment there is that not all cars have that hole 
on the right side.


N. Joseph Potts wrote:

>OK - here's a reason I just made up for this. I hope everybody appreciates
>the creativity.
>     If there were no brace, the air-exhaust system would be completely
>sealed on the left side (recirc hole covered AND damper door shut) until the
>engine warmed up. So most air exhaust would come from the right side through
>the (unclosable) recirc hole on that side. The right side would get SOME
>cooling while the left side would get virtually none. The brace on the
>bottom of the cover plate spills just enough air out the left side to
>balance this situation back out, more or less.
>     All of this operates ONLY when the thermostats are (trying to) hold
>both damper doors shut.
>     Incidentally, even though (if the left door were NOT being held open)
>the left side of the engine would warm up faster (too fast?), the thermostat
>on that side might NOT respond as fast as it should, because there'd be
>little air flow over it. Heat has to be transferred from the head/cylinders
>to the thermostat by SOMETHING, and in the Corvair engine, that something is
>moving air.
>     Intricate design, but hardly elegant, in my otherwise Corvair-loving
>Joe Potts
>Miami, Florida USA
>1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C
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>That's the purpose. In the "summer" position, the cover slightly holds open
>the damper door. In the "winter" location, it allows for some warm air to be
>into the engine compartment.
>On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 17:55:12 -0500, Gerald and Lorraine Beeler wrote:
>>What purpose does the brace on the bottom of the Summer/winter cover plate
>>serve? My 1966 Sport Sedan did come with one and I purchased one and now
>>the brace hits the exhaust duct damper.

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