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Richard Moon ndmoon at bwsys.net
Thu Mar 10 23:14:32 EST 2005

Here is a little input to the Pontiac Fuelie discussion. There are always the unknown rare combinations that were 
made on Friday afternoon from part lying around in the bins. Maybe the fuelie '57 Pontiac wagon is such an animal. However, the official '57 Pontiac fuel injected cars were a special run of convertibles only called Bonnevilles. These cars were almost totally optioned,  had unique trim, and limited color combinations... many of them had factory continental kits. A little over 600 of  these '57 fuelies were produced. They never ran as well as Pontiac would have liked. On today's market these cars in collector condition will bring $80,000 and up, although in November 2003 a nice one sold at a Mecum auction 
for $57.000.
Fron a VV watcher. Just couldn't let this pass.
      Dick Moon
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