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> >>>Tony wrote:   Didja know that same setup was also intended to be made
> >>available on
> >>>Pontiacs too?
> >>---------------------------
> >>Smitty says:  There was a Motor Trend or Auto Week special on TV a few
> >>years ago about the only existing 57 fuelie Poncho Sta Wag.  One of very
> >>few built in the first place.   Other sedans do exist.
> >> _______________________________________________
> >
> >More from Tony:
> I have a photo of a GM/Rochester F.I. setup for a Pontiac V8, circa
> >1957.   Never seen one (an actual F.I. Pontiac) "in the flesh" but  I've
> >seen the F.I. itself, and it is a dead ringer for the one that was seen on
> >Bowties.

  Fuel injection for '57 Pontiacs was offered....most you'll see came 
attached to the new Bonneville line but I'm sure others snuck out on lesser models.  
As with Chevy (other than Corvette) it was a one year wonder...it's 
replacement high performance option in '58 being the Tri-power setup.  Anyone with a '57 
Laurentian fuelie is encouraged to call me collect...I have money waiting! <g>

Bruce Webster

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