<VV> Re: Pontiac Fuelies ( No Corvair )

Bill Elliott Corvair at fnader.com
Fri Mar 11 09:19:33 EST 2005

When I was in college I stopped to look at at '58 or '59 Pontiac station wagon in completely original condition. I was shocked when I opened the hood to 
reveal a tripower setup. Looked completely original...


>  Fuel injection for '57 Pontiacs was offered....most you'll see came 
>attached to the new Bonneville line but I'm sure others snuck out on lesser models.  
>As with Chevy (other than Corvette) it was a one year wonder...it's 
>replacement high performance option in '58 being the Tri-power setup.  Anyone with a '57 
>Laurentian fuelie is encouraged to call me collect...I have money waiting! <g>

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