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Fri Mar 11 15:14:11 EST 2005

I, for one, am looking forward to the 2006 convention in Buffalo and the 2007 
convention in Detroit.  I'll probably drive to Buffalo.  I did an internship 
there years ago and it's a surprisingly beautiful city with a lot of history 
and great architecture.  Just this morning I heard an interview on public radio 
of an author who wrote a book about great cities of North America and he 
included Buffalo.  He cited as his reasons, among other things, the Albright Knox 
art gallery and Frank Lloyd Wright homes as well as proximity to Niagara 
Falls.  As for the latter, viewing it from the Canadian side will probably give 
this U.S. citizen his only chance to take his Corvair "abroad."

As for Detroit, I'll probably fly or drive a water-pumper but I'm looking 
forward to that convention, too.  With Detroit the undisputed capital of the 
American auto industry, the site is perfect for some tours of interest to us car 
aficionados and, I'll bet, there will be an unforgettable historic presentation 
at the convention, too.  

So all you West Coasters, kwitcher bitchin' and be thankful for your annual 
fanbelt toss!

Bill Stanley

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