<VV> Late Model Part needed

Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet at charter.net
Sat Mar 12 07:12:26 EST 2005

I too have repaired this area with a large washer and a nut all of which I 
tack welded. This is an area that is always rusted in convertibles. When I 
bought my 69 ragtop that's the first place I looked.

Rick Norris

> Do you need the material to render your car original again, or are you 
> just
> trying to restore function? If the latter, I managed just fine with a bolt
> of suitable diameter to fit into the lever bore, two fender washers, and a
> nut. Did this years ago to my 66, and it continues as good as new.
>     Much easier than welding, and if you do it right, you still retain 
> your
> new "drain" function so it doesn't happen again.
> Joe Potts
> Miami, Florida USA
> 1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C
> Hey all
> If anyone out there is scraping a late model!
> I have a 65 corsa and the only hole in the floor is the throttle pivot 
> mount
> in back floor area.
> I need someone to cut out about a  6-8 inch patch panel with pivot stud
> attached to center so i can transplant into my car.
> Let me know if you have and how much with shipping cost to 32566
> Thanks
> Mike Moyer
> West Fla Corvairs #325

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