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Clark Hartzel chartzel at comcast.net
Sat Mar 12 07:52:51 EST 2005

The folks in CA have a valid point.  MI is always called the mid-west.  If
you look at a map, the central part of our country is Texas to Minnesota.
The mid-west would actually be New Mexico to Montana.  The mid-east would be
Alabama to MI.  I would be in favor of re-aligning the CORSA divisions.  Any
state in the Eastern Time Zone would be called the east.  I can drive to the
Atlantic Ocean in one day from Detroit.  A one day drive from Los Angeles
might get you to Utah.  How about just using the time zones as CORSA
dividing points?  Then you would have four divisions, Eastern, Central,
Mountain and Earthquake/Mudslides!
Clark (I'm in the East in MI) Hartzel
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