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> And states with 2 time zones? Indiana, Ky, Tennessee all share EST &
> how would you fix that? Go by time zone only? By state only?  Just

And Parts of Indiana switch from Central to Eastern (kinda)  During the
summer indy is on the same time as Illinois.  Winter most is an hour ahead.

CORSA divisions are based on populations -- Primarily for the purpose of
EQUAL representation on the CORSA board.  Each bod member represents roughly
the same sumber of corsa members,  like the US house of representatives.
Convention locale just happened to follow those lines.

Thus for those attending (or rather considering attending) the International
convention,  the cost averages out roughly the same regardless of which
reginon its end.   In the west,  lots of members must have $$$ to travel
(and fewer attend),  in the east, fewer members have to spend $$$;
attendance is up, because more have to spend less. If in geographical
center,  more will have to spend $$ every year,  driving convention
attendance down, resulting in CORSA revenues going down leading to talk
about dues going up.   economics 102.    Be careful of what you ask for,
today, 1/3 of all conventions are close to the west coast,  if a true
business,  most, if not all, would be east of the missippi

tim mahler
Illinois - where, along with Iowa (mini convention 2005 locale)  much of the
Corn and Soybeans is grown plus beef and pork
hoping for a big-10 showdown of Iowa vs Illinois

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