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Sat Mar 12 10:44:25 EST 2005

> It's funny how these threads lead to so many tangents!
> The ORIGINAL bitch.......that the EAST and CENTRAL divisions are EAST of
> Mississippi...

ahem... central strectches from Ohio, KY, Tenn to Texas, Nebraska, OKLA, the
Dakotas -- slightly west of the old river.

geographically speaking the Central and Western span great distances,
eyeballing it, central is wider than western div (discounting alaska)  which
surprised me.

Last several convetions have favored the eastern edge of the central div,
which is the real beef    Dallas vs Detroit Wichita vs lexington?   Wichita,
btw,  seems central mainland wise.

alas.    no winner in this thread.

tim mahler
68 Fitch Sprint traveled from Connecticut To Alaska several times when it
was new. (before me)

tidbit -- Springfield Illinois became the state capital with Abe Lincoln's
help using the arguement that it was in the geophical center of Illinois -- 
N-S and E-W  (doesn't look like it is though, but it is)
springfield IL

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