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airvair airvair at richnet.net
Sat Mar 12 20:29:01 EST 2005

You know why time goes faster the older you get? Because with a 5year 
old, a year is one fifth of his life, while to a 70year old, it's only 
one 70th of his life. So to that 5year old, a year is an awfully long 
time, but not much to the 70year old. Think about it. (G)


UltraMonzaWest at aol.com wrote:

>It is a shame that our economy has evolved to the point where we have more of 
>everything but TIME  and  loose $$$$!
>I can remember in the 70's ..wife, and child not in school yet...weekends and 
>2 weeks vacation were plenty of time to do everything we wanted..
>NowadaZe....I want to do more than ever......but cannot find the time...to do 
>half of what I used to.....and the sad part...it's my choice....and all my 
>friends are in the same boat...
>go figure...
>Matt Nall / Patiomatt / WCUH / Chairman V V
>69 Monza Cpe., 66 Monza vert, 65 Crown v8 Cpe.
>Somewhere between Reno, NV and Coos Bay, Or.

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