<VV> Another GM Dual Quad?( No Corvair )

Jim Briggs jim_a_b3 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 13 10:52:02 EST 2005

I have'nt followed this whole thread but Pontiac also had a rare dual quad 
manifold in 1956. From what I found out. only about 200 were made. I picked 
one up at a swapmeet eons ago for $6.00.
Sold it on ebay several months ago for $230. to help fund my V8 project. Saw 
a complete, refurbished 56 Pontiac dual quad setup listed for $1500......of 
course it did not sell!

Jim Briggs
3 LM's
2 running, 1 awaiting larger heart transplant
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>I beleive Chevrolet used dual quads on either the 348 or the 409?
>Also, a late 50's olds had dual quads as an option, as well as even in the 
>mid 60's you could get the dual quads on a Buick.
>There are many variations of this.............
>Gary Swiatowy
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>>Subject: <VV> Two 4 bbls-GM ( No Corvair )
>>Does anyone know of other GM cars using a factory two (WCFBs)four bbls and
>>aluminum intake manifold?  I have an Al 2-4bbl manifold with GM casting
>>numbers that will fit a small block Chev but does not show up in the Chev
>>numbers.  I also have WCFBs that fit it-those carb numbers look like Chev
>>applications but numbers differ.  This came off the modified short track 
>>engine that was in the #73 when I bought it. I can look up the casting
>>number if anyone can help.
>>I am looking for the application.
>>Thanks-pls use Adelphia address
>>Chuck S
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