<VV> Re: Re: Two 4 bbls-GM ( No Corvair )

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Sun Mar 13 21:45:16 EST 2005

At 04:28 hours 03/13/2005, Gary Swiatowy wrote:
>I beleive Chevrolet used dual quads on either the 348 or the 409?

The 409 hi perf engine had 2x4bbls.   The hi perf 348 had 3x2bbls.

The 348/3x2bbl looks really bitchin' in a street rod.

>Also, a late 50's olds had dual quads as an option, as well as even in the 
>mid 60's you could get the dual quads on a Buick.
>There are many variations of this.............

Just about everything GM has made was available  with 2x4bbls at one time 
or another, including Cadillac.

By the way, that hi perf 409 was a real kickass engine as long as you 
didn't try to rev it to 8000 rpm.    It's also the forerunner of the modern 
bigblock Chevy engine and has a very similar bottom end.    In fact, if you 
turn a 454 crank's mains 1/8" it drops into a 409 block and gives you 
almost 500 ci. (rods need to be addressed) since the 409 is a big bore 
engine with a relatively short stroke.   That would make for a real stump 
puller of an engine for street use.


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