<VV> Oil pressure sender

AeroNed at aol.com AeroNed at aol.com
Sun Mar 13 22:50:31 EST 2005

I have an electric oil pressure gauge with the sender mounted near the  
battery. I have a metal line from the top cover (where the OP switch normally  
goes) to the sender as well as a switch for the light and fuel pump. At first I  
had a 1/8 copper line but it broke twice. I replaced it with a 3/16 steel  
brake/fuel line. It seemed to solve the breaking problem, or so I thought. The  
steel line cracked today, right at the fitting where the line goes into the top  
cover. I think the failure is from the line vibrating. So now I'd like to try 
a  braided steel line. I know there are places out there that sell braided 
line  with different ends. My question is where are they?

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