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Hello Ned:  Try the hose used for a grease fun flexible hose.  It is 1/8"
NPT on the ends, will screw into the housing and you can bend it under the
belt and over towards the battery.  The grease gun hose is rated at
thousands of psi, much more than the 60psi or so that an engine makes.

Regards, Steve

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> I have an electric oil pressure gauge with the sender mounted near the
> battery. I have a metal line from the top cover (where the OP switch
> goes) to the sender as well as a switch for the light and fuel pump. At
first I
> had a 1/8 copper line but it broke twice. I replaced it with a 3/16 steel
> brake/fuel line. It seemed to solve the breaking problem, or so I thought.
> steel line cracked today, right at the fitting where the line goes into
the top
> cover. I think the failure is from the line vibrating. So now I'd like to
> a  braided steel line. I know there are places out there that sell braided
> line  with different ends. My question is where are they?
> Thanks,
> Ned

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