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mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Wed Mar 16 23:49:22 EST 2005

The other night I asked for some input on a '65 convertible I'm looking at to possibly buy and I just wanted to thank everyone who responded for their inputs.  Thanks to all of you I've come to following conclusion: I'm more confused than ever!!!  Most of you thought it was a little rough and only worth 1/4 -1/2 what the seller is asking.  Others said they thought it might be worth it.  The reponses were quite diverse.  But I do appreciate all of them!!

I do want a convertible.  I do want one that's local to me (within ~3hrs anyway).  I want one that doesn't have serious rust or body problems.  This one meets all that but...  I'd also like one that had a known running engine and functioning transaxle and brakes.  This engine may run fine but I don't know.  It has more rust around the windshield than I like.  I think it's coming down to the asking price versus the condition of the car.  The seller has said if he can't get his asking price he'll keep it and restore it himself.  This implies to me the price in non-negotiable but I suppose it couldn't hurt to ask if he'll come down any.  We'll see.  I can live with it either way (I think).

Thanks again to all who responded.

(The link to the photos again:

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