<VV> Aren't we glad we don't have this guy!! (NO CORVAIR)

henry kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Thu Mar 17 12:40:11 EST 2005

This guy's response on the Riviera List to a newbie Riv owner with lots of questions made me think:  No matter how bad we think we might get on V V from time to time, we aren't EVER like this. AND IFO am thankful for it. 

BTW-this list is maintained by the Riviera Owners Association, and if the guy has asked a dozen questions in the last 2 months, it's been a lot. 


  Michael -
  Question : Why did you purchase a car which  apparently requires on going  and continual repairs when you obviously don't know the first thing about how to fix anything on that car ? What would you do if there weren't people in the ROA willing to spoon feed you on how to solve your automotive problems ? Do you realize how many question you have asked this past month and how much time various ROA members have spent in attempting to provide you with personalized service ? Come on, Michael. try using your brain and figure things out for your self. It creates a sense of satisfaction and self worth.
  Marty 9612

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