<VV> RE: Aren't we glad we don't have this guy!! (NO CORVAIR)

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We do have that guy!
Occasionally people have gotten up in arms and have given pretty snippy
replies like,
"Buy the Tech Guide", or
"We just answered that one last week........."
There are a lot of people who become "new" to the hobby and have lots of
questions. The wrong answer will discourage them and they will find another
Quite awhile ago, I asked a question and I was given the tech guide reply,
and yes I had the tech guide and I had looked, but it was not in the
location I would have expected. Sometimes it is easier to ask on the
internet. A proper reply would have been to supply the answer, and then
recommend the tech guide and beginners manual on their merits for future
reference, this encourages people..............
Give some newbie a smart ass answer here, you think they will be a
prospective future member?

Yeah, sometimes we do have that guy..........

Gary Swiatowy

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This guy's response on the Riviera List to a newbie Riv owner with lots of
questions made me think:  No matter how bad we think we might get on V V
from time to time, we aren't EVER like this. AND IFO am thankful for it. 

BTW-this list is maintained by the Riviera Owners Association, and if the
guy has asked a dozen questions in the last 2 months, it's been a lot. 


  Michael -
  Question : Why did you purchase a car which  apparently requires on going
and continual repairs when you obviously don't know the first thing about
how to fix anything on that car ? What would you do if there weren't people
in the ROA willing to spoon feed you on how to solve your automotive
problems ? Do you realize how many question you have asked this past month
and how much time various ROA members have spent in attempting to provide
you with personalized service ? Come on, Michael. try using your brain and
figure things out for your self. It creates a sense of satisfaction and
self worth.
  Marty 9612


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