<VV> Chatter and First Drive

Geoffrey A Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Thu Mar 17 20:42:16 EST 2005

I had been bemoaning the weather around here.  It is still not nice but 
yes JR the snow has almost all melted.
After work today did the last bits my red 63 vert needed to run around the 
Started it up and away I went.  With a gutted interior except for a blue 
drivers seat.
The ULTRA 110 RD block motor that came spare with the car runs great. 
Quiet and smooth and no smoke.  Pulls very hard too.  Especially with the 
3.27 axle it has.  Breaks are as good as new.  Clutch works perfectly 
and is very smooth.  Shift linkage is attrocious 
but I expected that.  Cant find reverse and everything else is sloppy. 
That will all get rebuilt before to much longer.
Pictures of how it looked when it came home in January can be seen at:


I will post pictures taken of it today in a while here.

Geoff Johnson
63 Vert
63 Coupe

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