<VV> Rebuild II

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Thu Mar 17 21:07:21 EST 2005

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> .
>   This weekend we placed the new (used) crank and the new (new) main 
> bearings into the block halves.  We decided to remove the cylinders and 
> have them re-honed as there was scoring in the direction of the piston 
> movement in all of them. 

Hi Steven,
None of my business, but didn't you plastigage the bearing clearances first? 
.Also are you planning to plastigage the rod bearings too?

Is honing the cylinders to remove scratches a good idea? You may increase the 
piston clearance too much so that the ring life will be short. It might be 
better to replace the cylinders or rebore to a larger size.  How deep were the 
scratches? Did you measure them?

Bob Helt

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