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David S Malcolm vze2ydtm at verizon.net
Fri Mar 18 08:57:05 EST 2005

There's one that's grey and stays soft--I've used it for years on house 
windows to seal leaks in the winter, pulls off and is still soft in the 
spring called Mortite. Should be available at home centers and hardware 
David Malcolm
66 turbo coupe

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From: "Paul Michalczyk" <paulm at tdl.com>
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I'm looking for a source for the light gray, soft caulking material used to 
bed various chrome and stainless steel trim parts on my 65 convertible. 
Specifically, this material is found under the windshield pillar stainless 
trim pieces as well as the stainless trim were the convertible top attaches 
to the windshield.  It goes by various names, such as dumdum or its proper 
name which is "ribbon caulk".  This material does not harden like seam 
sealer.  It can be found in plentiful supply, but only in black.  I would 
like to use the gray material like the General used.  Any resource 
assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Michalczyk
the 268th LM made (a Corsa Convertible)

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