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Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corp. vairtec at optonline.net
Fri Mar 18 16:33:25 EST 2005

At 02:58 PM 3/18/2005, J R Read_HML wrote:

>I have noticed items that seem to get started or carried over at about the 
>time of model year change over.  Examples, an early '65 (sold in Oct of 
>'64) that had the sleeve on the left heater hose and a late '66 that had 
>two holes in the trunk for brake lines even though it had a single master.

My '66 500 coupe (see 
http://www.corvair.org/chapters/njace/painting_a_corvair_in_2004.html ) was 
built during September, 1965, the first month of production for the '66 
model year.  The car has two features unique to early-production 1966 
Corvairs: The lug wrench storage is still in the engine compartment, 
whereas later cars had it in the trunk, and the taillights have the smaller 
center rings instead of the wider ones which as most of us are aware 
appeared midyear.


Robert W. Marlow
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