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airvair airvair at richnet.net
Sat Mar 19 10:11:26 EST 2005

I had an LA-built '65 that had the '66 steering column and headlight 
buckets in it, but still had the heater "snorkel" (that yours didn't) in 
it. It was #301784. What #'s yours?

-Mark C

Sethracer at aol.com wrote:

>I have an LA built 65 in the driveway that has no heater air inlet  under the 
>rear grille. No inlet, no cover for it! Not sure when that one was  built - 
>It does have the late (66 style) steering column in it. I have had other  66s 
>with the second hole for the dual master. I always guessed that it was for  
>that, anyway! I once worked in a vehicle production line environment. (M113A1s  
>if you wondered) Stuff got used until it was gone, unless a BIG deal was made 
>of  it. Tracking some of the changes was a pain in the butt.
>Seth  Emerson
>Sethracer at aol.com
>C's the day! Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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