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I have  noticed items that seem to get started or carried over at about the 
time  of model year change over.  Examples, an early '65 (sold in Oct of '64) 
that had the sleeve on the left heater hose and a late '66 that had two  
holes in the trunk for brake lines even though it had a single  master.

I have an LA built 65 in the driveway that has no heater air inlet  under the 
rear grille. No inlet, no cover for it! Not sure when that one was  built - 
It does have the late (66 style) steering column in it. I have had other  66s 
with the second hole for the dual master. I always guessed that it was for  
that, anyway! I once worked in a vehicle production line environment. (M113A1s  
if you wondered) Stuff got used until it was gone, unless a BIG deal was made 
of  it. Tracking some of the changes was a pain in the butt.
Seth  Emerson
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