<VV> Coins--not Corvair

Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 19 12:27:44 EST 2005

Hey gang,

I just realize what a good source this forum can be
for something else.
My grandson and I have been collecting fairly large
numbers of Denver-minted coins, particularly the state
quarters, in hopes we can trade for some minted in
Philadelphia.  I previously traded with a guy in New
Jersey who no longer answers my emails, so there goes
my contact.
I've taken to buying 3-4-5 rolls at a time, so I can
trade for that kind of quantity, or even more if I
know ahead of time.
For some reason, you have to be in another state to
get the quarters any time near the release date. I've
a friendly bank teller who lets me know when the new
coins are out, usually about 7-8 weeks after the
release dates.
I'm only interested in trading for right-out-of the
roll coins, except for New Jersey, where I'll take any
coin from either mint. If circulated in change, they
have to be perfect for me to bother with; any coins
run over in a parking lot can go in the Coke machine.
I also have some of the new nickels.
All of what I have extra in rolls is Missouri and
later, and I have or can get some earlier single
coins. Write me off the net and let me know what you
want to trade.

Chuck Kubin

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