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Sat Mar 19 13:45:06 EST 2005

Hey guys and gals,
Just a short note to let y'all know I'm home from the hospital... and I 
REALLY miss the morphine... They ended up taking a bone graft from my hip (illia 
crest) where the right watch pocket would be on your jeans... that hurts 
tremendously... the leg they ended up rebraking, put a nice 7 ince cut right down the 
shin bone, and got the 2 lined up... they then went through the bottom of my 
heel and drilled up into the tibia and hammered an "expandable nail" up into 
the leg.... it still hurts... I was awake for most of the operation, and me and 
the guy watching my vitals talked about cars... the had both an epidural and 
a saddle block, and lots of other "feel good stuff"...

I might not be on the computer much for the next few days, but Cheryl found 
the site for the "new piece of my leg", so here it is:


I'm not sure which one they used, but I sure hope it works.

Thanks again to everyone with the prayers and well wishes. You guys are great.

I'm now going to get some *real* rest.

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