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> >My big ole' 24F has died after 9+ years of service. What are group numbers 
> >for lates now?  It's been so long...
> >  I think I should buy the latest (beginners) tech guide which should 
> >list things like batteries.
> >-ron 65,66
> Hi Ron,
> I think the best is to use the Honda battery, a Group 51R.  The group 51 
> can be used, but the terminals are on the wrong side and it involves just a 
> little further for the battery cables.  The 51 or 51R is available nearly 
> anywhere, like Costco, for about $38 or so and has better cranking power 
> than the original battery.  It is slightly smaller than the stock battery, 
> so it might need a new top bolt down piece.
> Larry

  Before you rush out for a type 51 battery better sell those LM cars and buy 
an early <G>.  The type 51 is the tight squeeze compromise for EM 
Corvairs...not what you need.  My suggestion is take measurements from your existing 
battery and buy a new one similar in dimensions.  Others here will know the 
correct group size I'm sure.  There are so many interchangeable batteries (at 
varying prices) for LM Corvairs it's difficult to recommend a specific brand.  Maybe 
others can recommend a good current bargain.

Bruce Webster
all earlies...all the time

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