<VV> Re: learning to weld

Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 20 18:28:59 EST 2005

I have both.  Now need a plasma cutter.  Can't have enough toys...


At 11:33 AM 3/20/2005, Larry Forman wrote:
>At 11:54 AM 3/20/2005 -0500, Harry Yarnell wrote:
>>Um, the only thing an oxyacetylene torch is good for is cutting things up.
>>Harry Yarnell
>>perryman garage and orphanage
>>perryman, MD
>>hyarnell1 at earthlink.net
>Hi Harry,
>You are KIDDING, right?
>I get a tremendous amount of use out of mine:
>Tacking things together prior to arc welding,
>heating and bending parts,
>torch welding thin metal pieces when the AC arc welder would burn through,
>as a heat torch removing rusty nuts.
>and ... oh, yes, cutting things up.
>Richard Finch says that if you can only get ONE welding system, make it an 
>Oxy-Acetylene torch.
>I tend to agree.
>-- Larry

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